Orphan Cry International

                                                        Living our faith through our actions


Orphan Cry is a faith-based organization that shares the hope of God's love with orphan children, and those who care for them, around the world.   We begin by attending to the many physical, emotional, and material needs they have.  In the process we build strong relationships.  Upon this foundation of trust, we share our faith - which is the motivation for our work in the first place.  Our activities are mainly concentrated in Liberia, West Africa, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation, but we have worked in other countries as well and we are always open to God’s leading for new areas of service.

In addition to our orphan related support, we often conduct needed humanitarian projects within the communities we serve.  God has opened some amazing doors for us and allowed us to conduct many critical humanitarian projects in his name.

We drill wells we will never drink from

We supply beds we will never sleep on

We help grow rice we will never eat

We get to meet children we will never forget