Orphan Cry International

                                                        Living our faith through our actions

Ken Wilcox, Executive Director

Ken's life was profoundly impacted after a short-term mission trip to Russia in 2002.  He, along with David Ford, co-founded Orphan Cry in 2003 with a passion to serve orphaned children. Since then, the ministry has been blessed and has grown to impact the lives of children in Russia, Liberia, Ukraine, and several other countries as well. 

Ken has served as the Executive Director of Orphan Cry since its founding and has personally made over 35 trips to Russia and Liberia.  Ken serves on a voluntary basis and does not accept any compensation from Orphan Cry. It is one of his ways of giving back, and paying it forward.

One of his mentors, Dr. David H. Wood, always stated that: You cannot out give God!

In this photo Ken was working on a dining hall renovation project at a social rehabilitation center in Russia.  The young boy in the photo is Dima  (short for Dimitry).  Dima kept sneaking out of class to "work with Ken".  We would try to accommodate him a little without jeopardizing his studies.  Dima was an orphan boy who was found alone in a rural village.  The caring and capable staff at the center nurtured him back to good health and allowed him to "help" Ken and learn a few building tips in the process.  While Ken was renovating this end of the building with a Russian partner, Sergei;  A local Russian man was renovating dormitory space at the other end of the building.  We compared techniques and had a few brief conversations.  In the end, some really nice improvements were made to this facility and we were able to spend quite a bit of time with the kids and the staff.  It was both a fun and fruitful project.