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Pastor Appreciation & Development Ministry


Pastors and Christian Leaders are at the forefront of God’s work in Liberia, and other developing nations.  They face enormous economic and spiritual challenges in their ministries.  Most are relatively poor and have little, if any, formal training.   What they do have is a heart for serving God and caring for their people.


To annually recognize pastors for their hard work and dedication over the past year.  To encourage, equip, and build them up for a fruitful year of ministry ahead in in the new year.

Project Overview

The project consists of a full day of training seminars and networking opportunities for Liberian pastors.  Each participant also receives a program certificate, study Bible, 50 Pound bag of rice, and gallon of cooking oil. (These gifts may seem minor, but we can assure you, they are a huge encouragement to the pastor and their families) The project concludes in a special worship and dedication service for the pastors as they prepare for the new year of ministry.

Goal & Budget

Our goal is to reach 100 pastors each year.  We have conducted this activity since 2011 and have ranged between 55 and 150 pastor participants each year.  To reach our desired goal of 100 pastors, we have prepared a budget of $10,000.  This includes the pastor gifts (100 study Bibles, 2.5 tons of rice and 100 gallons of oil), as well as seminar course presenters, certificates, and refreshments.